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General Rules For Maintainance Of Discipline

  1. Admitted students must abide by the Rules and Regulations as prescribed by the College Authority. Violations may lead to disciplinary actions like compulsory transfer, expulsion etc.
  2. Students must attend the classes in College Uniform.
  3. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside the College Campus. Anybody found indulged in ragging will have to face disciplinary action. Moreover, ragging is considered as an illegal activity.
  4. Use of Mobile Phones is strictly prohibited in the College Campus. Violations may lead to disciplary action.
  5. Students residing in the College Hostel have to follow the rules prescribed by the Hostel and the Teacher-in-charge appointed therein.
  6. At the time of Admission it is mandatory to submit the undertaking by the student along with guardian declaration form.

Uniform For Degree Students