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Some Important Rules Covering Semester System

These Rules to those students who are enrolled into BA/ B.Com. Courses under Dibrugarh University. These courses are of three years duration.

Semester Classification :
Odd Semester : (1st, 3rd & 5th) : 1st August - 30th November
Even Semester : (2nd, 4th & 6th) : 1st January - 30th June


A student who has less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for the End SemesterExamination in the Course in which the shortfall exists. Provided that it shall be open to the University to grant exemption to a student who has attended a minimum of 70% classes but failed to obtain the prescribed 80% attendance for valid reasons on recommendation of the Head/ Director/ Coordinator of the Department/ Centre on payment of a prescribed fee(s).
The Principal of the Collefe with recommendation of the Heads of the Departments shall announce the names of all students who shall not be eligible to appear in the End-Semester Examinatios in the various courses due to non-fulfilment of the criteria of Internal Assessment and attendance and send a copy of the same to the University. In such cases, the student shall have to re-enroll in the relevant course(s) with the next batch.

Examination And Evaluation

Examination and evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis.
There shall be 20% marks for Internal Assessment and 80% marks for End-Semester Examination in each course during every Semester.
  c) There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer-scripts of the End-Semester Examinations. However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.

Internal Assesment

In Internal Assessment, different tools may be employed such as Written Tests, Assignments, Paper Presentation, Laboratory Works, Students' Attendance etc. suitable to the course.
Students shall be informed in advance about the nature of assessment. Students shall compulsorily attend in the process of Internal Assessment, failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination. A student cannot repeat In-Semester examinations. However, if a student fails to appear in any of the in-semester examinations on valid reasons, the department concerned may arrange special in-semester examination whenever necessary.

End Semester Examination

There shall be one End Semester Examination carrying 80% marks in each course of a Semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the course.The End Semester Examination is normally a Written/ Laboratory Based Examination/ Project Work/ Dissertation.
The Controller of Examinations shall then make necessary arrangements for notifying the dates of End Semester Examinations and other procedures as per Dibrugarh University Rules (atleast 20 days in advance) and the Academic Calendar notified by the University.
  iii) Normally, the End Semester Examination for each course shall be of three hours duration.

Betterment Examination

A student shall be entitled to take the "Betterment Examination" in any two theory courses of any of the six semesters after passing the Sixth Semester Examination only once. In this case, the higher marks secured by the student shall be retained. The candidates shall have to apply for betterment examination within one year of passing the Sixth Semester Examination.
No betterment shall be allowed in Practical Examinations.
  iii) Any difficulty which may arise in the course of operation of these regulations relating to holding of examinations shall be removed by the Examination Committee of the Dibrugarh University.