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About Department of Education, Amguri College

Amguri College was established in 1967. The department of Education was started from the time of establishment of the college though there was no permanent teacher in the department. Education classes are managed by visiting teachers. Mrs. Dipa Chetia (Ex-Principal and HOD, Education) joined in the department in the years 1976 and Mr. Mahandra Hazarika (Ex-Vice Principal and HOD). Both served the college till 1992 with no other teachers in the department. In the year 1992, Dibrugarh University approved the major course in Education at Amguri College. In 1993, Mrs. Bishakha Devi was joined in the college and served till 1995. In the early days the enrollment in Major and pass course was very less but gradually the enrolment increased as departmental academically risen. Today, the department offers to 50 seats in Education Major (Core. There is no limit for general course (Generic).

Presently there are four teachers in the department of which three are Assistant Professor and one is Associate Professor. Mrs. Niharika Duarah (present HOD and Associate Professor) joined the department in the year 1997. Mrs. Ruma Phukon (Assistant Professor) joined college in the years 1998. Dr. Sahidul Ahmed (Assistant Professor) joined in the college in the year 2016. The fourth post in lying vacant. All the teachers of the department are actively associated with academic activities by engaging them self in writing of Books, seminar paper, research papers and also project for extranet funding. They are also associated with BOS of Dibrugarh University, shouldered the responsibilities of head examiner for the final semester examination, answer script evaluator, question paper setter for the Affiliating University as well some central university outside the state.

The department past history was glorious. We have produce many graduates who are engage in different area of work. We have produced state topper in H.S. final examination in the year (2007, 2014). Miss. Dipika Suri able to catch the 1st class first position in B.A. final Examination 2019 under Dibrugarh University in Education major.

The department of Education has a sophisticated RUSA funded psychological laboratory with all modern psychological equipments and instruments. We do also have a small departmental library for the students’ benefits. The department of education prepares hand written magazine, wall magazine etc. for the overall aesthetic development of the students. The department is also engaged in organizing seminar, workshops, webinar etc.

Our Awesome Faculties

“Our job is to teach the student we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.


Mrs. Niharika DuarahAssociate Professor (HOD)

Date of Joining: September ,26 1998

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Dr. Sahidul Ahmed Assistant Professor

Date of Joining: June ,14 2016

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Mrs. Ruma PhukanAssistant Professor

Date of Joining: December ,02 1998

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