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History is the study of the development of human society. The recording and interpreting the past event involving human being is known as history. It is the study of the past but it enables us to understand the present. A meaningful social life at present would in-possible without reference to a knowledge of the past. History includes many sided development of the people including the political, religion, literary, economic, scientific, social and cultural aspects of their lives. Hence history is necessary.

Department of History

Date of establishment of the department – Department of History was established in 1967.
Introduction of Major Course : Major course was introduced in 1992.
Founder Head of the Department- Late Sivanath Lahon.
Faculity – Late Imran Hissain.

Student Strength at present:
1. BA 1st Semester – 22 (M)
2. BA 3rd Semester – 33 (M)
3. BA 3rd Semester – 14 (Core)
4. BA 5th Semester – 18 (M)
5. BA 5th Semester – 20 (T.T. MG)


Department of History is a strong department of the college. Many students from our department has been secured 1st Class in B.A. Final Examination and Shining in universities and other examinations. Many aluminize are engaged in different respective jobs and self employment.

Additional Course

Skill Based Course (Travel and Tourism Management) is entrusted to the department in 2011. The faculties of the department encourage the students by organizing educational fours filed trips extrusions for practical experiences of the students.

Future Plan

The deptt. Is trying to open the P.G. Crouse. After getting the permission from the authority we shall proceed to the necessary steps for this course. We have a plan for opening a museum also.

Departmental Library

The faculties organized a library in the Deptt. for the benefit of the students. Besides text books, the collections include periodical, journals on various topic etc. Students may borrow books on long term basis.

Student’s Magazine

The students of the department publish periodically hand written magagine and wall magazine which gives the students the opportunity to develop the literary talent.

Serve the needs of the students

Special care has taken for the students provide financial support and reading materials to the poor students of the department. After graduation most of the students are also assisted financially by the faculities so that they can progress in their higher studies in university.

Steps are taken for academic development

For academic development of the students departmental seminars, group discussions are organized. For acquiring knowledge of the students organized field survey annually in the different historical places.

Participation of the students in co-curricular activities

The students of the department participated in co-curricular activities like sports and games, Art, Various cultural programmes, literature, quiz, rebate etc. Co-curricular activities help the students in many ways such as – enhances self confidence, develop special inner skills, improve academic performs, develop physically, intellectually, morally etc. The faculities provide support to the students in joining various co-curricular activities.

Mission of the Department of History

The mission of the department of history is to make the past, intelligible to the students so that they can understand the present better. History provides a particular type of training for the mind. Through the study of history student can acquire some useful intellectual skills, some important values and several kinds of perspective on the present which may enable to participate confidently in the challenging events and changes of the present day.

Our Awesome Faculties

“Our job is to teach the student we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.


Mrs Bonti BaruahAssociate Professor (HOD)

Date of Joining: September ,30 1989

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Mr. Trilochan BorahAssociate Professor

Date of Joining: January ,01 1995

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Mr. Debajit GogoiAssociate Professor

Date of Joining: March ,01 1997

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Mr. Nayan RajguruAssistant Professor

Date of Joining: December ,07 2002

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