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Sociology is the branch of social science. It is the youngest of the Social sciences. The branch of sociology is concerned in society and popularly known as the “science of Society’. The subject matter of sociology includes humanbehavior, human social relationships, social phenomenon, social structure and function as a whole of the society. If you are an educational professional who are looking to progress into understand the human behavior, social relations, social phenomenon, social organizations, different social structure and functions in human society- this is the best degree for you.

About the Department of Sociology, Amguri College, Amguri

The Department of Sociology was established in the academic year 1967 with undergraduate programme in sociology. Late (Dr.)Gyassuddin Ahmed was the founder teacher of the department who served a period of his carrier. The department had grown up in the hand of a highly devoted and diligent group of educationists which includes Dr. MinotiChutia and Late HorenDihingia etc. and in the due course of time. The department have been able to create several research scholars four research scholar have been able to receive Ph.D degree from Dibrugarh University. At present, the department aims in developing academically competent and professionally motivated young leaders, and equipped with objective and critical thinking which can compassionately foster the scientific temper with a sense of social responsibility. The department has now five numbers of well -qualified and dedicated faculty that excels both in teaching and research.


Sociology department has many achievements to be proud of and some of the activities involving all the stake holder are as below;

  1. A short film produced by Department of Sociology (JUNBAI): Watch Now
  2. Two days National Seminar on 3rd& 4th May, 2013
  3. Online Educational Youtube Channel (ASOM DOOT): View Channel
  4. Online Educational Telegram Channel: Join Channel
  5. Online Educational Channel (Cyber of sociology): View Channel
  6. Achievements of the Department of Sociology:
    The faculty members of the Department of Sociology have successfully completed one number of Minor research project from the UGC in the year 2015-17
  7. Book published: National-01
  8. Courses:
    i) BA (Major)
    ii) BA (Non- Major)
    iii) Higher Secondary
  9. Number of seats: Initially 60 in BA Major
  10. Course Structure: Regular Semester mode under Dibrugarh University
  11. Syllabus: As prescribed by Dibrugarh university
  12. Degree Awarding Authority: Dibrugarh University
  13. Eligibility criteria: BA (Major) in Sociology securing at least 45% marks in the Subject in Higher Secondary course
  14. Admission procedure: A list of students on merits basis will be hanged on the college notice board and college website. Among the submitted field in application forms, the students will be admitted from the merit list.

(a) Departmental library: The department has a well-equipped library besides the Central library for the benefit of the students. Students can borrow books on long term basis. Besides text books, reference books, project report, field study reports, the collection includes periodical journals, preserve one act play written by department faculties, etc.

(b) Departmental wall magazine: A wall magazine is published periodically. The students also publish annually a hand written magazine.

(c) Students’ Support activities: For the academic development of the students, various departmental seminar, inner semester seminars/ group discussions are organized. For acquiring knowledge of research, per year students are engaged for field study on different social phenomenon, social structure of different caste, communities of different societies. Faculties also provides financial help as well as study materials to the needy students.

Present students’ strength of the department

BA 1stSem (M)-84            (Non-Major)-
BA 3rdSem (M)-80            (Non- Major)-100
BA 5thSem (M)-67            (Non- Major)-
HS 1st year- 231            HS 2nd Year- 227

Our Awesome Faculties

“Our job is to teach the student we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.


Dr. Himanta BorgohainAssistant Professor (HOD)

Date of Joining: February ,19 1998

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Mr. Anil HazarikaAssistant Professor.

Date of Joining: February ,19 1998

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Hemanta GogoiAssistant Professor

Date of Joining: August ,22 2005

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Miss Pinky AoAssistant Professor

Date of Joining: August ,02 2008

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